Taste the Tuna Goodness!

Taste the Tuna Goodness!

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Fresh Canned Albacore

Welcome to Fresh Pacific Tuna! If it’s quality fish you’re after, it’s here.

All fish sold on this website and labeled under the Redeemer Fish Company label was caught and handled by Redeemer Fish Company, Erik Johnson the owner, and his trusted team of crew members.  Each fish is handled with care and utmost importance maintaining quality for the end-users, and that’s you. 

Quality is guaranteed, and won’t sell anything that I wouldn’t eat personally!  I do NOT buy fish that have not been handled by any other company/vessel.

Redeemer Fish Company LLC is owned and operated by Erik and Jennifer Johnson.  We have a lifetime, and then some, of experience providing quality to customers.  Try our fish and you’ll be hooked!

Redeemer Fish Company Albacore is caught in the USA, canned in the USA, and fully supports USA small businesses and families of the Pacific Northwest.